8 best places to take wedding photos in Hanoi

8 best places to take wedding photos in Hanoi
UPDATED: 27 Feb 2018 421 Views

For any loving soul that has an interest in Hanoi wedding photography, here are the 8 best places to take wedding photos in Hanoi, to show off your beauty and happiness before getting married to the true half.

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Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi

For the French colonial-style wedding photos, Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi is an award-winning place to come. Built in 1901, almost every corner of the whole construction offers the imposing angles for the brides and grooms to make the right poses. The classic white façade, lush courtyard lawn, sophisticated details make this hotel the upscale venue for many loving couples to record their happy poses. The complete wedding artworks look extremely convincing in the Western deluxe style.

Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi (via Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi)

Hanoi Opera House

It is the big opera house built from the French colonial era in the early 20th century. The Hanoi Opera House holds the significant history and culture, making it the indispensable hub not only in Hanoi but also in Vietnam and the Southeast Asia. It’s no doubt that the Opera House in Hanoi is the leading zone to amplify the bride’s gorgeousness. The wedding pictures in this cultural hub even don’t need Photoshop.

Trang Tien Plaza

It is the upmarket shopping center centrally located in Hanoi. Trang Tien Plaza is not only the superb deluxe shopping mall in the city, but it’s also the historic construction holding Hanoi’s spirit and quintessence. More and more intended spouses come to this ritzy plaza to film them dressing the beautiful wedding gowns. Though the plaza is often packed with visitors and shoppers, it’s feasible to find the flattering angles to take pictures.

Trang Tien Plaza (via Xe Cưới Đông A)

InterContinental Westlake Hotel

Positioned in the romantically peaceful West Lake, this luxurious hotel brings the tranquil and relaxing zone for every couple to stay away from the bustle of Hanoi center. And, wedding photography is the great activity to do with the outdoor pool, well-appointed suites, imposing view from the private balcony, etc. In this modern and sumptuous space, “the models” look more elegant and stylish than ever.

Hanoi Old Quarter

The Old Quarter is the most frequently suggested address for holidaymakers to see in Hanoi. The quarter covers many antique houses, typical shops, and narrow alleys, reflecting what is left about the ancient Hanoi. The vendors sell the similar product in each street of the Old Quarter. So, come here to take classical wedding pictures; the flattering angles are unlimited.

Hanoi Old Quarter (via Dân trí)

Long Bien Bridge

As the evidence of the brave Hanoi during wartime, the Long Bien Bridge looks magnificent all time. The spouse-to-be can make lots of interesting poses right on the courageous bridge. They can tightly hold each other’s hand, or the man can piggyback his woman happily. Certainly, the grandeur and historic look of the bridge enhances the value of your pre-marital albums.

The Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

In the design of the antique Dong Son drum, the Museum of Ethnology makes your wedding photos exceptional and eye-catching indeed. While its façade is the wonderful backdrop, the interiors evolves the strong ethnic feel; the brides and grooms should dress ethnically to suit the backdrop. Be prepared for the countless wows made by your friends when they look at your sumptuous shots in this ethnology-orientated museum.

Vietnam Museum of Ethnology (via Báo Thanh Niên)

West Lake

With the cool and inspiring landscape, the wharf in the West Lake wins praises from both models and photographers. The wharf witnesses the sweetness of numerous spouses. In the poetic zone, everybody is free to express their loving emotions toward the soul mate side by side. The best time to take pictures in the West Lake is the sunrise and twilight. In different angle and moment, the wharf creates the differently enthralling photos.

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