Hoan Kiem Lake



Hoan Kiem Lake

Pretty as a bouquet middle of the city, Hoan Kiem lake surrounded by the streets Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Thai To, Hang Khay. Three street for about 1.800m. The surface area is large mirror reflecting the momentum la ancient trees, the slender willow drooping hair, the roof pagodas ancient old tower moss, tall new buildings rise up the sky.

Previously called Luc Thuy lake for water color blue in four seasons. XV century, the lake was renamed Luc Thuy Hoan Kiem lake (sword), called the Sword Lake. Hoan Kiem name associated with the story returns to the turtle gold sword of King Le Thai.

Tortoise is one of four animist (Long, unicorn, phoenix) in mind folklore. Same turtle is still living in the lake, a couple of times every year humps. Really happy for tourists to see the turtle floating on the lake with two islands ho.Trong well. Big Island is the island in the northern Jade lakes, near the east coast, with the red The Huc bridge connecting the island to bend. Turtle Island is smaller, above the neck in the south tower pool, shimmering shadow sides between nuoc.Ho Hoan Kiem is a meeting place, tourist destination of the four seasons:

Spring tasty traditional festivals and brilliant cherry color.
Summer stream out intermittent winds, fan away the muggy streets of cicada tingles.
Autumn with mist fanciful, modern touches like real vague, as nowhere.
Winter, yellow leaves carpet, drizzle droplets carrying fluttered slightly cold.