Most famous Tet flower markets of Hanoi

Most famous Tet flower markets of Hanoi
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Flower market in Tet holiday is traditional culture of Hanoi. If you want to feel the atmosphere of Tet holiday, flower markets are ideal destinations.

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Tay Tuu night market

Tay Tuu night market under Tay Tuu village, Bac Tu Liem district is far from the center about 20km. Coming here, you can see many kinds of flowers are blooming right on the field. Tay Tuu night market is held on the field. The flowers are not showed in familiar ways, they are stacked on each other, lighted by flashlight. At 3 am, the remaining flowers will be transported into the city to wholesale markets in Hanoi.

In October to Lunar Year, the local in Tay Tuu are busy with preparing for the flower market, especially daisy flower. You will be immersed in large fields of daisy flower, rose, gerbera, purple violet, gladiolus and dahlia flowers…

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Me Linh flower night market

Not old as Nhat Tan flower village, Me Linh is known as the main supply of Hanoi and some Northern provinces. At cold nights, Me Linh flower fields under the light of a hundred oil lamps looks so sparkling and mysterious. This flower is the same as the one in Tay Tuu, it is held at night and finish in early morning. If you want to buy cheap rose, you should come here at 00.00 am. Apart from rose, you can buy lily, daisy flower, violet…

The village is far from Hanoi center about 30km, near Noi Bai airport. You can travel by motorbike or bus number 7. From the center, cross Thang Long Bridge to Thang Long industry zone, turn in the industry zone direction and go further 5km and you will reach Me Linh flower village.

Me Linh Flower Night Market (via Hanoi Free Day Tours)

Lac Long Quan flower market

The market is held along Lac Long Quan St to Thuy Khue St. It is only held in Tet holiday will full kinds of flowers and trees. Coming here, you can buy flowers and trees all day long until midnight with cheap price. if you go early, you can even get cheaper price.

Quang Ba market

Quang Ba is one of the biggest flower markets in Hanoi. Occasionally, the market is held from midnight to 3 or 4 am but in Tet, it is held from morning to evening. Perhaps, except from Quang Ba market, there is nowhere you can buy flower with cheap price in Tet holiday. That is why although they are all held at night but still very crowded. A lot of big wholesale markets in Hanoi buy flowers from this market and once you come here, you can enjoy every kinds of beauty of each flower.

Quang Ba Flower Market (via Hanoi Tours)

Hang Luoc market

Hang Luoc market is held in 7 days before Tet. What makes this market special is that it is held in the old quarter, you can walk from this street to other street to see how beautiful it is. Especially, when you walk down this street, tourists can feel the ancient spirit of Tet. After visiting flower market, you can visit some other streets to shop and contemplate.

Hoang Hoa Tham market

Hoang Hoa Tham market is one of 3 most famous flower markets in Hanoi. The market is held all year round from Buoi market along Van Cao T-junction but the most crowded in Tet holiday. There are abundant types of flowers and trees here such as acacia, orchards, jasmine flower…, of which, orchard is the best seller appear in every stall.

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