President Ho Chi Minh Museum

President Ho Chi Minh Museum
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The Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi is a dedicated museum. It was built in memory of a great man whose name is written in golden alphabets in the history of Vietnam. The special person was a great revolutionary and statesman and went on to become first the Prime Minister and then the President of North Vietnam.

The great man was none other than Ho Chi Minh. The common people of Vietnam are indebted to him for what he has done for his country and as a mark of their gratitude the museum was dedicated to him apart from a city and a mausoleum which also shares his name

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The Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi is the preserver of everything memorable related to the great revolutionist, Ho Chi Minh. The Museum consists of five extensive floors and was inaugurated on 2nd September, 1990, celebrating the 100th birthday occasion of the beloved President.

Features of Ho Chi Minh Museum in Hanoi - The museum has an extensive collection of military order's, mementos, photo's of the Communist Party's earlier achievements, the great August and October revolutions, the country's fight against Fascism and the imperialist power and the world movement led by Ho Chi Minh.

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- The best way to explore the Museum is to start from up and then go down. The Top floor has a beautiful centerpiece. It is a gargantuan gold lotus flower which also consists of smaller exhibits related to Ho Chi Minh's political activities. - You can make your way from the Past section to the Future by following the symbols made in the shape of labyrinthine murals. The section houses automobile models. - The National Liberation Movements are symbolized by a "volcano", bright red in color and surrounded by national totems. - The Museum is also an example of fine Soviet architecture and so the visitors have he opportunity to enjoy both- the exhibits and structure. - For safety reasons, no bags or cameras are allowed inside the museum.