Hoa Phong Tower

Hoa Phong Tower

To appreciate the past importance of Hoan Kiem Lake to the people of Hanoi, we need to be aware of pagodas that are no longer standing. Some of these were large complexes, housing monasteries, temples, pagodas, and meeting rooms.

The Hoa Phong tower is located on Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem district in front of the Central Post Office, on the shore of Hoan Kiem Lake.
Hoa Phong Tower

This is the remaining vestiges of Bao An Pagoda, also known as Shanghai Quan Pagoda, a Buddhist architectural complex once famous. Nguyen was in the mid-nineteenth century in this place and the whole downtown area Post Office has a large temple. The campus includes two dozen octagonal shaped sticky, Buddhist church, church template, printer Beijing, home to the monks in, altogether over a hundred times, inside the magnificent decorations. Besides the temple is lotus ponds.

Front door of Hoa Phong tower was built in 1846 on the initiative of Interest Shanghai (official provincial head office in Hanoi), Nguyen Dang Giai.

In 1898, with momentum expand new street construction, the temple was destroyed, leaving only Hoa Phong tower. This is a rare type of tower in Hanoi, kind of tower four door, deformation of the Stupa (a type of Indian Buddhist tower). Four face second floor with bagua. Bagua is a tool just initial orientation, according to Chinese cosmology. Hoa Phong Tower is general belief in the Buddhist universe.

The tower is in square shape and the name Hoa Phong with meaning that 4- season favorable wind because four doors look four directions. Unicorns stand on the corner columns. The upper part of the tower is narrower and the four roofs constitute a gourd, symbolizing the sky in miniature. Bricks from the famous Bat Trang ceramic village were used in the second layer. Bao An pagoda was built on a large scale of ​​about 360,000 square meters. The front of the pagoda overlooked the Red river, the back of the temple based on Hoan Kiem Lake.