Ngoc Son Temple

Ngoc Son Temple

It was built on Jade island in Hoan Kiem Lake with Tower Pen, Radio Research, The Huc Bridge (bridge bean morning sun), Dac Nguyet Lau (floor is white), Tran Ba ​​(strike wave) and Temple The main constituent of historical cluster architecture – art and landscapes, and landscapes typical of the capital. Ngoc Son Temple

Dao Ngoc Son ancient statue called Turkey (elephant ears), King Ly Thai To moved the capital to Thang Long named Ngoc Tuong, Tran changed to the Ngoc Son. Legend has it that, in mounds of rock pools, there are often about fairies dance here. King Le, Trinh Khanh Swedish construction supply in Ngoc Son made fun place. Late Le, Ngoc Son temple built to worship Buddha. By the time Nguyen, moved into the temple Wenchang – Imperial Army, then coordinate church Lu Dongbin, Guan Emperor (ie Quan Van Truong), Buddha Amitabha and especially general Tran Hung Dao. This represents three religions co-existing notions of Vietnamese people.

Tu Duc eighteenth year (1865), Nguyen Van Sieu grapes stand out house renovations. New Temple fix up more land and Embankments around, building Tran Ba, a bridge from the north east coast on called The Huc Bridge.

Single old Ton mountain, he built a stone tower, brush top of the tower, the tower itself is carved three words “Ta Thanh Thien” (written on blue sky), today commonly known Tower Pen. Next door is a book called the Radio Research, has set a research on ink stone peach half in half lengthwise, with teams of three frogs. Research engraved on a card about the use of the research level in terms of philosophy. Later generations hailed as: Best Family radio pen.

Port from outside the walls on two sides, one side of the table dragon, a tiger inside a table, two tables symbolize the noble name of people pass, giving the artist more and try to go through e Study .

Huc bridge name means beautiful retain the sun’s light. Huc bridge leading to Ngoc Son Temple Gate, also known as Dac Nguyet Lau (floor is white) in the shadow of the tree, in the middle of a luxuriant vegetation, like water rising from below.

The main temple consists of two star connected, the first temple of worship north of Tran Hung Dao and Wenchang. The statue placed on a pedestal in the harem of about 1 meter high, both sides have two stone stairs. Wenchang statue standing, holding a pen. South Tran Ba ​​(strike wave – indicating that the pillars stand between unhealthy wave in contemporary culture). Dinh square with eight roof, eight two-story roof support columns, four stone column, four columns of wood.

But the temple is a new architecture, but Ngoc Son Temple is a typical spatial and architectural artifacts. The combination of the temple and the lake has created an overall architecture Heaven – Human merge, creating the ancient beauty, harmony, posted on the temple and lake, evoking the feeling of harmony between man and nature . Temple and the lake became evidence that evoke the memories of the nation’s history, awaken justifiable pride, patriotism, as well as spirituality, a sense of Vietnam before the survival of the nation .