Hanoi Moca Cafe

Hanoi Moca Cafe
Hanoi Moca Cafe

Hanoi has many dining options. It is becoming a big soup pot of Asian influences as immigrants and business people from around the continent converge here, bringing their cuisine with them.

Asian Restaurants in Hanoi is one of the great delights in visiting the capital. China has always been the biggest influence, but there’s quite a bit of choice in other areas too. Asian cuisine is a term sometimes used particularly in Canada as an umbrella term for the various cuisines of East Asia and Southeast Asia and for fusion dishes based on combining them. “Acan also refer to cuisines of all of Asia.

If you are in search of a good cafe, Moca Cafe in Hanoi is perfect for you. Pungent coffee scents enticingly waft from Moca Cafe. Expatriates flock at Moca Cafe in Hanoi for Western brunches and crosswords, and travelers find respite with spring rolls and magazines.

Hanoi Moca Cafe
Hanoi Moca Cafe

Fast Facts about Moca Cafe in Hanoi

Address of Moca Cafe in Hanoi: 14-16 Nha Tho Hanoi

Contact no. of Moca Cafe in Hanoi: (84-4) 825 6334

Features of Moca Cafe in Hanoi

The features of Moca Cafe in Hanoi are:

Converted from an old French colonial convent, Moca Cafe in Hanoi has the only specialty coffee roaster in all of Hanoi.

The cafe offers a variety of Indian offerings of which the Oven-baked Naan is scrumptious.

The menu at Moca Cafe in Hanoi appeals to both vegetarians, and steak-and-potato eaters.

Besides food, the architecture is awesome. The marble table top comes from southern Vietnam. The tiles were made in the ceramics village right outside of Hanoi.

Hanoi Moca Cafe
Hanoi Moca Cafe

Another exciting feature of Moca Cafe in Hanoi is the coffee beans that are the finest Arabica from the highlands of central Vietnam.

The Tandori Salman (seasonal) and the Southern Vietnam carmalized clay-pot fish are its specialty.

The homemade sorbets and ice cream (they use an old fashion ice-cream churner) and an espresso makes up the perfect desert at Moca Cafe in Hanoi.

Freshen up with the best taste of coffee and savor the other Asian dishes at Moca Cafe in Hanoi.