Hoa Sua Restaurant

Hoa Sua Restaurant

Hoa Sua RestaurantLet us take you for a coaster-ride of culinary adventures while visiting Hanoi in Vietnam. Though you will get plenty of restaurants specialized in Chinese, Asian, Italian and Vietnamese cuisines, you must not miss out eating Blanquette de veau, Boeuf à la mode, Canard au sang, Coq au Vin, French Cheese, Navarin, Oysters, Pot-au-feu, Steak au poivre and Soufflé in the French Restaurants in Hanoi. Hoa Sua in Hanoi is one of the most popular of restaurants in the city.

Fast Facts of Hoa Sua Restaurant 

Address: 81 Pho Tho Nhuom Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi
Phone Number: +84 4 824 0448

Features of Hoa Sua restaurant – In Hoa Sua restaurant, you will get some of the most delicious dishes in baked form

– In this restaurant, street kids are trained with culinary expertise so that they can make a career out of it.

– The training is carried out in the bakery which acts as the laboratory.

– You can dine and have corporate luncheon, a relaxed and elaborate brunch in the courtyard

– You can also chill with a cup of coffee.

– Whether you want classic French dishes like croque monsieur, potato and leek soup, you will get tem all at reasonable price

– You can also try out Vietnamese rice and noodle concoctions.

– Round up your dinner with desserts like warm tarts and cool mousses

– You can also pack small dishes for home

French Cuisine

French cuisine brings in an intriguing collection of varieties of French wine and French cheeses. As you explore the French cuisine in Hoa Sua Restaurant in Hanoi, you will note use of fruits like oranges, tomatoes, tangerines, peaches, apricots, pears, cherry, strawberry, blackberry and grapes. Vegetables like potatoes, green beans, carrots, turnips, courgette (also known as zucchini), mushrooms, oyster mushrooms and truffles and meat of chicken, turkey, duck, goose, beef, veal, pork, mutton and lamb are also extensively used. You will get the feel of both classical culinary style and regional specialties in this cuisine that has left its influences on all the major Western cuisines. You can also try out plenty of seafood like cod, sardines, canned tuna, canned salmon, trout, mussels and herring.