Terrazza (La) Restaurant

Terrazza (La) Restaurant

Your tour to Hanoi is not complete until you taste, savor and enjoy the experience that is Italian Cuisine – Terrazza (La) Restaurant . Take a brief look into some of the most popular Italian delicacies in Hanoi and choose what’s going to be your favorite.

Each region in Italy has its own specialties with seasonal varieties. From delicate tortelli filled with squash in Lombardy to spaghetti tossed with salted gray mullet roe in Sardinia, regional food preferences and cooking styles vary widely. The emphasis is always on the use of fresh, seasonal produce with a tradition of dishes based on wheat products like bread and pasta, vegetables, cheese, fish, and meat. These are usually prepared in such a manner as to preserve the ingredients’ natural qualities and taste. Terrazza (La) Restaurant in Hanoi is one of the finest Italian restaurants to savor authentic Italian food.

Terrazza (La) Restaurant

Features of Terrazza (La) Restaurant in Hanoi

-   Far away from the Old Quarter, Terrazza (La) restaurant in Hanoi is located on a street known for its amazing line up of local cafes.
-   This Italian restaurant offers a quiet dining place where you can enjoy classic Italian food and wine.
-   You must try the Cheese stretches like soft taffy from the thin-crusted pies.
-   These come with your choice of a variety of standard toppings.
-   You can take your pick from pastas with meat or vegetable sauces according to your preference.
-   Salads, soups and fish and meat dishes complete the menu.
-   Terrazza (La) in Hanoi also offers home service speedy pizza delivery.

Fast Facts about Terrazza (La) Restaurant in Hanoi

Address 125 Pho Trieu Viet Vuong, Hanoi, Vietnam

Phone +84 4 978 0622

Hours 11 a.m. to 2.30 p.m. and 5 p.m. to 10.30 p.m. daily