Insects prevention tips when traveling

Insect prevention tips

Here are some insects prevention tips when traveling. Hopefully, it will be helpful for tourists.

Wear long clothing, ventilation, lighting candles or oil extracted from topical medications, creams are a number of ways for you to not be bothered by insects.

During trips to discover the forest, the sea in spring time summer, insects such as mosquitoes, squeeze, ants, fleas … often annoying, even harmful for human health. Here’s the note for you.


When hiking, to the wooded areas, bushes you should choose clothing close to your skin color. Costumes should not be so stand out from the external environment to avoid insects around more.

If in the forest you need to wear long pants, wear high over the ankle. To avoid fleas guests dressed as tight and thick as possible since they will not be short teeth bite through clothing as mosquitoes are.

Insects prevention tips
Need to wear trousers and ankle boots than to go into the many grassy areas. Photo: outdoorukraine.
Also, do not wear tight because these insects easy exposure to the skin. Some species are very sensitive to the smell of human feet, so you should use all capable of rapid sweat absorption and quick dry environment to avoid insect odor stimuli.

Use cream or preventive medication

Guests should bring cream Soffell package (mosquito), DEP applied around all medicines, shoes (anti-squeeze), sprays Chuchu Baby (insect repellent). Besides, you can bring a bottle of water to dilute salt foot rub. When squeezed, leech bite, take a small salt water up, we will release it and help disinfect wounds.

When using the creams, sprays on you should pay close attention to the reaction of the body, mainly the skin, have an allergy or not and avoid swimming or sprayed on areas such as the eyes, nose and mouth.

Burning candle with essential oil extracts

Oil candles help you avoid annoying insects such as mosquitoes. Photo: bizwebmedia.
Last night the insects more easily attacked. So when hiking, you should bring tapers, especially type oil extract. Essential oil scents emanating likely to prevent insects from entering your space. Better you should leave the area candle sitting, lying.

Check areas where fleas

Picnic in the grass areas you must prevent fleas, ticks, bedbugs. How to verify that there are no fleas or use a piece of white cloth wiped over pastures (areas you deem fleas), if any, they will cling to fabric.

Avoid areas of dense, wet

You should seek airy or ledge to sit, stop. If camping Please avoid humid place, with wood or leaf position because it is the place preferred by species such as scorpions, centipedes, squeezed or leeches.

Use natural materials

Guests can bring people some kind of easy to find in nature to repel insects. Orange peel, lemon, grapefruit has a pleasant smell can just rub to repel spiders. Thin slices of cucumber help you chase the ants. There’s also a lot of trees and roots have the same effect as lemongrass, onion, garlic …